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Your world is waiting to be discovered, and there is no better way to explore it than on the elegant small ships of Oceania Cruises. Let us share our expertise and help you discover your next travel story with Oceania Cruises.


Enjoy a complimentary credit to use onboard for shopping, spa services and more.
Let us take care of the gratuities while you enjoy world-class service onboard.
Meet your knowledgeable host during a private cocktail reception onboard.



You can sail to the far corners of the globe with Oceania Cruises’ small, luxurious ships, and you’ll always feel like you’re coming home to family.


You can sail to the far corners of the globe with Oceania Cruises’ small, luxurious ships, and you’ll always feel like you’re coming home to family.

Reinspired to be better than new, every inch of every surface of every suite and stateroom is completely redesigned. Public spaces encompass the inimitable style and comfort of Oceania Cruises, with a palette of soft tones and tastefully elegant fabrics, furnishings and fixtures.


Oceania Class ships are transformed, with striking new elements. The expanded and redesigned Baristas lounge is styled in silver greys and sea greens punctuated with bold accents of gold and ebony. Suites and staterooms also radiate with a stylish new air of timeless glamour.





Garnering countless accolades and helmed by Master Chef Jacques Pépin, Oceania Cruises’ gourmet culinary program sources the world’s finest and freshest artisanal ingredients. A distinguished cadre of chefs creates culinary magic, constantly innovating menus, crafting new dining experiences and showcasing authentic regional flavors.


A holistic approach to wellbeing is at the heart of the new Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center, which offers a wide array of programs, services and experiences designed to help you live your best life. Rejuvenating spa treatments and healing therapies are part of this philosophy, along with complimentary fitness classes and plant-based menus.


From reading comfortably in the library to sipping fine vintages at a wine tasting, a wonderful array of enrichment opportunities await you on board. Join an esteemed guest lecturer to discover their unique perspective on the destinations you’ll visit, learn to prepare exquisite dishes with a master chef or learn from skilled artists-in-residence.


The variety of entertainment options onboard ensures that your interests will be constantly piqued. World-class musical performances will dazzle you, showcasing an ever-changing array of guest entertainers. A unique lineup of unforgettable onboard shows and sleek Monte Carlo-style casino gaming are just steps from your stateroom.



Explore your world with unrivaled destination experiences as only Oceania Cruises can bring them to you.

Cruises to Europe are an invitation to stroll traditional markets, discover hidden secrets and enjoy life like a local as you explore boutique ports that offer unique travel experiences. Whether visiting the Mediterranean, Northern Europe or Scandinavia, delve into the culture, history and cuisine of the Old World with more overnight visits and longer port stays. EUROPE Summertime in Alaska is full of opportunities for adventure, beautiful vistas, impressive glaciers and fascinating wildlife. The picture-perfect harbors of New England and Canada are brimming with life and full of flavor, bringing you natural wonders and imaginative experiences. Carefree escapes to Bermuda are as equally alluring as fall foliage sailings. NORTH AMERICA Tropical voyages bring you abundant sunshine, colorful cultures and an opportunity to escape from it all. Explore ancient Mayan ruins, relax on sun-kissed beaches and snorkel among kaleidoscopes of colorful fish. Cruise the Panama Canal, trek through the Amazon and immerse yourself in pulsating Rio de Janeiro. THE TROPICS Sailing to the far corners of the globe, a cruise to the exotics calls out to global travelers that seek to leave no stone unturned, often visiting ports inaccessible to larger ships. From far-flung expeditions across Asia and Africa, to dream journeys in the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, these voyages invite you to discover your wanderlust. THE EXOTICS A world cruise encourages you to embrace the luxury of time and explore as much of the world as you wish. Spotlighting one region at length or highlighting multiple distinct regions, these extended journeys are the perfect answer to your thirst for discovery, while visiting countless UNESCO World Heritage Sites, stunning world wonders and more. WORLD CRUISES



Oceania Cruises bring you the vast treasures of the world in a way that no one else can. Their voyages invite you to discover the world as you’ve always dreamed, traveling to the most vibrant and renowned destinations, calling on smaller ports and remote harbors.

Oceania’s expert team of Destination Specialists has curated imaginative destination experiences in awe-inspiring ports around the globe. These shore excursions bring you original experiences designed for travelers seeking a slice of the local culture. Whether you love active outdoor adventures, delving into the history of a region or getting a taste of local cuisine and cultural traditions, you’ll be introduced to the best of a destination. SHORE EXCURSIONS
Culinary Discovery Tours™ offer the opportunity to experience firsthand the culinary culture of a destination. Visit local markets to find the colorful produce, fresh fish and exotic spices used in traditional recipes that inspire people to gather around the table. Tour a winery in Madeira or a fish market in Rio de Janeiro, accompanied by a master chef, and taste the authentic flavors of a region, take part in local cooking classes and hone your skills at The Culinary Center. CULINARY
Summertime in Alaska is full of opportunities for adventure, beautiful vistas, impressive glaciers and fascinating wildlife. The picture-perfect harbors of New England and Canada are brimming with life and full of flavor, bringing you natural wonders and imaginative experiences. Carefree escapes to Bermuda are as equally alluring as fall foliage sailings. WELLNESS TOURS
Thanks to a partnership with Food & Wine Trails, America’s foremost culinary travel company, Oceania’s Food & Wine tours visit sites not typically offered by mainstream travel suppliers. Each Food & Wine Trails tour is led or organized by a local culinary expert – sommeliers, chefs and wine writers – to provide you with unique insights and a behind-the-scenes experience. They will take you off the beaten path and introduce you to the best of their region. FOOD & WINE TOURS These groundbreaking excursions invite you to embed yourself in the fabric of the local communities for engaging, one-of-a-kind experiences. You will be welcomed into homes and businesses and immersed in the local way of life. Learn generations-old traditions, from spending a day in the life of a shepherd in the Basque countryside to enjoying a traditional Argentine dinner at a local’s residence or joining a Matryoshka painting master class in St. Petersburg. GO LOCAL TOURS


  • The Finest Cuisine at Sea®
  • A variety of distinctive open-seating restaurants, all at no additional charge
  • Gourmet cuisine curated by world renowned Master Chef Jacques Pépin
  • Epicurean enrichment programs, including immersive Culinary Discovery ToursTM in the world’s most fascinating destinations
  • Award-winning itineraries featuring more than 450 alluring destinations
  • Spectacular port-intensive voyages featuring overnight visits and extended evening port stays
  • Small, luxurious ships catering to just 684 or 1,250 guests
  • Exceptional personalized service
  • Country club casual ambiance
  • Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center


Oceania is committed to taking all appropriate steps and actions to combat the spread of COVID-19, working closely in partnership with local, state, federal and global agencies to ensure the safety of guests and crew. Oceania is also working with the Healthy Sail Panel — a team of cross-disciplinary experts enlisted to guide the cruise industry’s way forward in response to COVID-19. Globally recognized specialists in public health are working together to develop, implement and continually evolve industry-leading standards.

Continuous ship-wide disinfection: Public areas and high-traffic touch points will be disinfected regularly, and all suites, public spaces, and guest corridors will be fogged daily. The fogging process utilizes a hospital-grade oxidant that is natural, safe, and non-toxic.

Upgraded medical-grade air filters: Oceania’s upgraded H13 HEPA air filters are capable of removing 99.9% of airborne pathogens and are fine enough to catch particles of COVID-19.

Dedicated Public Health Officer: Each ship will have a dedicated Public Health Officer on board, responsible for the oversight of all outbreak prevention initiatives, including day-to-day sanitation.

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